House rules


House rules


  • all persons present on our site must adhere to the house rules.
  • we are not liable for any form of damage to humans, animals and property. Both on, in or outside our premises.
  • only adults (18+) can stay at our campsite and in our lodgings.
  • do not use the plants to attach lines.
  • the use of wifi amplifiers is not allowed.

Camping vehicles

  • you are obliged to insure your camping vehicles against fire, theft and other damage.
  • leave 1 meter between the plants and your camping equipment.
  • only use light, air and water permeable awning carpets.

Night rest

  • the night's rest is from 10 pm to 8 am.

Motor vehicles

  • park on your own spot next to your camping vehicle.
  • only move your vehicle at walking pace when the gate is open.
  • park your guests motor vehicles in the parking lot outside the campsite.


  • only allowed on the pitches in 1 to 23.
  • must not be loose on the site.
  • must not cause any inconvenience to your fellow campers.

Household waste

  • deposit separately in the containers next to the sanitary building (paper, GFT, residual waste).
  • hand in glass and batteries to Albert Heijn in the center of Havelte.