Best guest,

You are currently staying at our campsite or in one of our lodgings. The national corona rules apply to our site. This also applies to visitors: you may receive a maximum of 2 persons per day as a visitor. Furthermore, the following rules apply during your stay:

  • The reception is open between 09:00 and 11:00, but for a maximum of 1 household at a time. Mouth mask required
  • Our sanitary building is open for a maximum of 10 people at the same time. Mouth mask required
  • Keep 1.5 meters apart if you do not belong to the same household
  • When using the recycling center and toilet dump, we recommend the use of gloves
  • Do not shake hands and wash your hands regularly
  • Payment is only possible with pin or contactless
  • Stay at home and go home if you have a fever, cold or cough!